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#define fi first
#define se second
#define pb push_back
#define mp make_pair
#define For(i,x,y) for(int i=((int)x);i<=((int)y);i++)
#define Dep(i,y,x) for(int i=((int)y);i>=((int)x);i--)
#define Rep(i,x) for (int y,i=head[x];i;i=E[i].nxt)
using namespace std;

const int N=200005;
const int inf=1000000009;

typedef double db;
typedef long long ll;
typedef unsigned int uint;
typedef pair<int,int> pii;

/*inline int rd() {
	char c=getchar(); int t=0,f=1;
	while (c<48) c=getchar();
	while (c>47) t=(t<<1)+(t<<3)+c-48,c=getchar(); return t*f;
char Buf[30000000],*c=Buf;

inline int rd() {
	int t=0;
	while (*c<48) c++;
	while (*c>47) t=(t<<1)+(t<<3)+*c-48,c++; return t;
void wt(int x) {
	if (x<0) putchar('-'),wt(-x);
	else { if (x>9) wt(x/10); putchar(x%10+48); }

struct Data {
	int A,B,val,k;
	bool operator>(Data P)const {
		return val>P.val;

struct Priority_Queue {
	int size;
	Data Heap[N<<1];	
	Data top() { return Heap[1]; }
	inline void down() {
		int x=1,k=1;
		while (1) {
			if ((x<<1)<=size && Heap[k]>Heap[x<<1]) k=x<<1;
			if ((x<<1|1)<=size && Heap[k]>Heap[x<<1|1]) k=x<<1|1;
			if (x==k) return; swap(Heap[x],Heap[k]); x=k;
	inline void up(int x) {
		while (x>1) {
			if (Heap[x>>1]>Heap[x])
			else return;
	inline void pop() { swap(Heap[1],Heap[size--]); down(); }
	inline void push(Data P) { Heap[++size]=P; up(size); }

struct Hash_Table {
	bool key[60000007][2];
	inline int f(Data P) { return (1ll*P.A*500009%60000007+P.B)%60000007; }
	inline void ins(Data P) { key[f(P)][P.k]=1; swap(P.A,P.B),P.k^=1; key[f(P)][P.k]=1; return; }
	inline bool find(Data P) { if (key[f(P)][P.k]) return 1; swap(P.A,P.B),P.k^=1; return key[f(P)][P.k]; }

int n,m,fa[N],key; ll Ans;

inline int get(int x) { return fa[x]==x?x:fa[x]=get(fa[x]); }

inline void inc(Data &P) {
	if (P.k==0) P.k=1,P.A++;
	else P.k=0,P.B++; P.val++;
	if (P.A==n) P.A=0;
	if (P.B==n) P.B=0; return;

int main() {
	n=rd(),m=rd(); int cnt=0; tmp.k=0;
	For (i,1,m) {
	For (i,0,n-1) fa[i]=i;
	while (Q.size) {
		if (key==n-1) break;,Q.pop();
//		if (Map.find(mp(mp(TP.A,TP.B),TP.k))!=Map.end()) continue; else Map[mp(mp(TP.A,TP.B),TP.k)]=1;
//		if (Map.find(mp(mp(TP.B,TP.A),TP.k^1))!=Map.end()) continue; else Map[mp(mp(TP.B,TP.A),TP.k^1)]=1;
		if (Hash.find(TP)) continue; else Hash.ins(TP);
		if (get(TP.A)!=get(TP.B)) {
//		else continue;
//	printf("%d\n",cnt);
	return 0;
7 1
5 2 1



Task問題 G - Zigzag MST
User nameユーザ名 rxdoi
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Language言語 C++14 (GCC 5.4.1)
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./Main.cpp: In function ‘int main()’:
./Main.cpp:99:29: warning: ignoring return value of ‘size_t fread(void*, size_t, size_t, FILE*)’, declared with attribute warn_unused_result [-Wunused-result]

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